Bluetooth Car Adapter Reviews: MPow MBR2

MPow MBR2 is the new Bluetooth Car Adapter from legendary producer MPow. It serves to be the solution to connecting your new Iphone with your car’s audio. With the direct connect cord you can now stream your audio directly into your car speakers without having to deal with wires or lose any quality. The auto on and auto connect features help eliminate steps and get your audio connected to your car seamlessly. In addition the built in microphone allows for easy, hands free, calling.

Why A Bluetooth Car Adapter for Iphones?

With the majority of major phones being produced without an Aux slot, this Bluetooth connection is becoming a necessity for those wishing to listen to their music or podcast while driving in the car.

The MPow MBR2 is the ultimate answer to this issue. The Mpow MBR2 offers a variety of unique features that allow it to rise to the top of the class of Bluetooth Receivers.

Automatic On/Connect Feature

One of the best parts of the MPow MBR2 is the ability for the system to start up and automatically connect when you start the car. This makes the transition from walking to the car, to stepping in the car, a breeze and makes it so you don't have to deal with an Aux cord.

As you enter and turn on the car your MPow MBR2 will automatically turn on (to help ensure this is the case make sure that the jack it is plugged into turns off when you run off the car). This will trigger the MPow MBR2 to automatically connect and pair with your phone.

When you are ready to get out of the car all you have to do is turn the car off. Because the power is removed from the MPow MBR2 the Bluetooth signal will be cut and your phone will automatically pause your playback until you resume playback.

Multifunction Button

While the multifunction button is a staple in almost all Bluetooth Car devices (we refuse to review any that don’t have this basic feature), the MPow MBR2 Bluetooth Receiver takes it to a new level. Unlike the traditional button that is down by the outlet, the MPow MBR2 comes with a button that can be mounted anywhere on the car. This makes it much easier to access and allows you to easily control your phone through the button.

In addition this has a microphone built within the multifunction button. This allows you to place the microphone in a position where it is able to easily pickup your voice which stops any of the echo/far off effect that many Bluetooth Receivers have when people are trying to make a call using them.


Multifuction Button

One final feature that all good Bluethooth Car Adapters need is a multi-function button. This button allows you to pause, answer a call and hang up. In order to truly be a fully fuctioning Bluetooth Adapter you need to find a device with a multifuction button.

Direct Power Connection

One major point of contention for the MPow MBR2 Bluetooth Receiver is the lack of a battery. MPow elected to remove the battery component from this Bluetooth Receiver which was a bold move. This means that it must be plugged in for the receiver to function. While this does eliminate it from potential uses that would require a batter, overall it actually plays out better for the whole product. The lack of the battery allows the automatic on and connect features to work which is a major strength of the product.

The Product


  • check
    Mountable Multifunction Button and Microphone for Easy Access
  • check
    Auto On and Connect Eliminates the Need for the Aux Cord
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    Ground Loop Noise Isolater Included for Top Sound Quality
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    Compatible with All Bluetooth Devices
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    Can Connect to Multiple Devices at the Same Time
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    Multiple USB Charging Ports

The Mpow MBR2 is designed with the modern user in mind. With the Automatic On/Connect feature you can quickly go from walking to enjoying your music/podcasts in your car. The mountable Multifunction Button and Microphone help eliminate a major concern that many people were having with Bluetooth Receivers and Transmitters.

What Others Say

One of the major things that people mention when talking about this product are it’s ease of use and discreet apperance. Multiple times it is mentioned that this device connects easily and is very simple to get going. In addition, it’s small size makes it very discreet and easily fits into the decor of your car.

There has been very minimal Quality Control issues but MPow is a fantastic company with great customer service. The majority of people who have experienced issues have had a replacement sent to them quickly and were very pleased with their service.

Buying Advice

The MPow MBR2 is a great product that comes at a low price. While it shouldn’t function as a universal Bluetooth Receiver, it wasn’t designed to be that. It is designed to be a quick hands free device to pair your Bluetooth to your car speakers.


The MPow MBR2 is a fantastic product for anyone that enjoys listening to their music or podcasts in the car. The Auto Connect/On features are a huge bonus and the mountable multifunction button and microphone take away some of the major complaints that have plagued the Bluetooth Car industry.

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