Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter: The Best of 2020

Car Bluetooth Aux adapters are at the top of almost all teenage drivers gift list. This is part due to their connection with their phone and with every new generation of phone coming out, less and less headphone jacks are being built in the phones. This has put technologies like Bluetooth at the forefront of the tech revolution. While this can be nice for wireless headphones, this can cause a major problem for people whose cars are equipped with Bluetooth. This is where car Bluetooth Aux adapters have stepped in to fill a role.

The Best Car Bluetooth Aux Adapters


Best Car Bluetooth for Calls: Kinovo BTC450

The Kinovo Bluetooth Car Kit has a great microphone that makes it one of the best Car Bluetooth options for calls.

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Best Car Bluetooth for Music: MPow MBR2

The MPow MBR2 comes with a direct connection and Ground Loop Noise Isolator which makes it the Best Car Bluetooth for Music

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TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit


Best Car Bluetooth for IPhones: TaoTronic Receiver

The TaoTronic Bluetooth Receiver allows for easy navigation using the multifunction button and easy access to Siri making it our pick for Best Car Bluetooth for IPhones

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Why Use a Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter

While there can be a variety of different reasons for needing a Bluetooth Kit for your car, it all normally stems from the same place, your phone lacks a headphone jack and your car has an aux input. In these situations a car Bluetooth Aux adapter can easily pair with your phone and transmit the audio from your phone directly into your car’s stereo. 

What Make a Great Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter for 2020

While the majority of the Bluetooth technology remains the same, technology within phones continues to progress. As a result, you want to make sure that you are purchasing a car Bluetooth Aux adapter that meets all of your needs. There are a few factors that you need to consider when picking the ideal car Bluetooth adapter.


First and foremost is how you want to use the adapter, do you want this to be a hands free device that allows you to drive while listening to your audio, or are you going to be making calls on your commute? If you plan on making a lot of calls you will want to ensure that your Car Bluetooth Kit has a great microphone that you can place in a position where it will pickup great audio like the Kinovo BTC450 (you can read more about this product below or here at our full review).

Source of Power

Another option to consider is how your Car Bluetooth Kit is going to get power. If you have a long commutee, or you don't want to worry about charging another device every other night, you should look into a Car Bluetooth Kit with a direct line to Power. These plug into your 12v outlet and receive power directly from the car.

The only downside of this added convinence is that is some car models this will lead to a slight hum that you can hear when the music is up loud. If you car has this issue, or you just want to play it safe, you should look at a Bluetooth Car Kit with a ground loop noise isolator like the MPow MBR2. We have more information below or the full review here.

Version of Bluetooth

Another important consideration is the version of Bluetooth that it connects with. As time has gone on Bluetooth has continued to improve leading to new levels of connectivity. The result are devices that use less of your battery while still giving you the high quality of sound that you desire. 

When you look at these connection you will always want the newest, most up to date version. The reason behind this is that they are almost always backwards compatible, meaning that the newest versions will easily pair with the old one. Because of this we will only feature products that offer a Bluetooth connection above 3.0. If you are buying a car bluetooth aux adapter in 2020 you should expect at least this level of Bluetooth, even though we really would encourage you to ensure your car bluetooth aux adapter is running on version 4.2 or above.

Best Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter for Calls


The Kinivo BTC450 ranks as our best Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter for Calls. The versatile Multifunction Button and Microphone allows for easy, clear hands free calling. This makes it a very safe option for those looking to make hands free calls from their car Blutooth aux adapter.

Like many of the best car Bluetooth aux adapters, the Kinivo comes with a multifunction button. This button comes in handy for controlling you phone, while still keeping both hands, and eyes, on the road. This multifunction button also serves a dual purpose and acts as the microphone. Because you can place this on your dashboard, you can rest assured that it will pick up your voice clearly allowing you to make those important phone calls.

Best Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter for Music


By far the best option for best music from your Bluetooth Aux Adapter is the MPow MBR2 receiver. The direct connection provides high quality audio directly through your speakers. Because the MPow Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter comes with a Ground Loop Noise Isolator, you don’t have to worry about buying a separate product if your car model is subject to the hum the accompanies some Bluetooth car receivers when they are charging

With a clean design, the Mpow MBR2 Bluetooth receiver makes a great fit for a lot of cars. This model is particularly popular with car owners that want to keep the appearance of their car clean, and eliminate any extra wires.

Best Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter for IPhone

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver Review

The best IPhone Car Bluetooth Aux Adapter is the TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit. This complete kit gives you everything you need in order to listen to your music and take calls on your commute. The multifunction button comes with four separate adjuster (two for volume, two to advance and go back) a microphone and an on off switch so that you can easily take private calls if you need to. In addition the charger not only provide power to the Car Bluetooth Aux adapter, but it also has two USB charging hookups for two separate devices. 

The multifunction button comes with the ability to stick it to the dashboard as well as the clips to hook it into an air vent. This is the complete package and is a perfect fit for the IPhone.

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