Nulaxy Bluetooth Review

The Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Adapter makes for a great option for the person who is on the go, but wants to continue to develop themselves by listening to podcasts through their phone. 

Bluetooth Car Adapters continue to grow in popularity as more and more drivers see them as a cheap, and effective, way of avoiding paying for a brand new stereo console. With Stereo Consoles running anywhere from $100 to $500 and up, this sleek $20 purchase can save you a bundle, while still giving you all of the performance of a top end stereo.

How do a Bluetooth Car Adapters Work

While we offer a full guide here, the general idea is that a Bluetooth Car Adapter works by pairing with, and receiving the Bluetooth signal from a phone, then transmitting it over an FM frequency to the car radio. The effect is an easy to use, hands free device, that allows you to listen to your phone while you travel. This is a great alternative for cars that don’t have a USB jack, or in situations where you don’t want to plug your phone into the car.

What makes the Nulaxy Bluethooth Car Adapter Different?

While there are a lot of Bluetooth Car Adapters on the market, there’s a reason why the Nulaxy has earned the Amazon’s Choice badge. This is largely due to the multiple features that go above your typical plug and transmit car adapter.

The first feature, and the one you will notice right away, is the LED light that has 7 different backlights. While this normally isn’t a huge selling point, the ability to switch to different lights is actually relevent. The majority of cars on the market today have some sort of colored lighting throughout the car. Because the Nulaxy can change to 7 different colors you can rest assured that your Bluetooth Adapter will fit in with your car.

Multiple Ways of Streaming

Another huge advantage, and probably what seperates the Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Adapter from other Car Adapters, is the ability to stream using a variety of different connections. While the Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Adapter works with a traditional Bluetooth connection, it also offers two other ways of getting your music through the speakers.

One option is the microSD Card. This will allow you to keep your music or podcasts with you in your car. This can be a great option if you are looking for a transmitter for a teen who you may not want streaming in the car. The other option is to use a traditional flash drive and connect with any device. This can be a great way to hook up a variety of devices to your car stereo. 

Quick Charge 3.0

Another key feature that the Nuloxy has is Quick Charge 3.0 technology. This technology will allow you to quickly charge any device through the USB port up to 4 times faster than a standardard charger. What this means in real terms is that your device could increase by 80% in just 35 minutes.

Multifuction Button

One final feature that all good Bluethooth Car Adapters need is a multi-function button. This button allows you to pause, answer a call and hang up. In order to truly be a fully fuctioning Bluetooth Adapter you need to find a device with a multifuction button.

Phone Function

One of the most important parts of any Bluetooth Car Adapter is the ability to serve as a hands free device. While the Nulaxy certainly fills this role there are certain cars that it does better in than others. Because the microphone is mounted on the adapter, it maters where your car outlet is. When the car outlet points the adapter directly up it tends to do a good job with calls. That being said, if the outlet is pointed horizontal the microphone does not do as good of job and your voice might sound far away. It still functions, but it’s better in a car where it is pointed directly up.

The Product


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    Has several methods of connection including Bluetooth, SD card,  and USB
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    Contains two USB ports: one fast-charge port, and a USB drive port
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    Compact design gives you a quick and easy install
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    Multi-function button allows quick navigation
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    Comes included with noise-cancellation update to lead to clearer calls

When looking to integrate your phone into you commute the Nulaxy Bluetooth receiver is a great option. It offers you a quick, easy way to connect your phone to your car speakers at a fraction of the price of other options.


In the end this is one of the top selling Bluetooth devices on Amazon for a reason. It's easy install, compact design, and overall functionality make it a easy selection travelers that are looking to quickly connect their phone to their car speakers.

What Others Say

The majority of reveiws on the Nulaxy tend to be overwhelmingly positive. A common theme that comes up is how quickly the device is installed and up and running. 

The major defect, according to the reviews, is when the adapter is plugged in facing horizontal towards the driver. This results in lower microphone quality and the far off speaker phone effect for the person on the other side of the call.

Buying Advice

When it comes to picking a Bluetooth device to quickly connect your phone to your phone to your car, it's hard to go wrong with the Nulaxy Bluetooth Transmitter.

The poor microphone quality is something you will need to consider, based on the design of you car this could be an issue or not a problem. The other thing to consider is how often you will be making calls from your phone.

If you won't be making many calls, this might not be something worth stopping you from making the purchase. The design, ease of function and effective design make it a great option for the busy commuter. 


While not our top option, the Nulaxy Bluetooth Transmitter is a wonderful option that I would suggest to any one looking to quickly connect their phone to their car.

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