The Four Best Car Visor Bluetooth Speakers for 2020

The convince of Bluetooth technology is revolutionizing the car audio world. Because so much of our lives and entertainment is on our phones, we want to be able to enjoy it while we are in our cars. While newer cars are starting to come with built in Bluetooth that connects with the radio, there are still many cars that don't have this feature. While there are options like Aux Cords and adding a new stereo, one of the universal solutions we have seen start to appear is the Car Visor Bluetooth. This gives the driver all of the convince of a Bluetooth connection without having to worry about connecting cords or complicated and expensive installations.

The Best Car Visor Bluetooth Speakers

via Aigital

Aigital Clip on Speaker

Our pick for best overall product. Great combination of speaker and microphone quality.

  • Good Speaker Volume
  • Solid Microphone Quality
  • Reliable Auto On/Off Function

via Aigoss

Aigoss Car Visor Bluetooth

Our top pick for music quality. Lacks some hands free features.

  • Built in Bass Enhancement
  • Plays USB or SD Cards
  • Detachable Magnetic Back for Easy Carrying

via Besign

Besign BK06 Visor Speaker

OK option if you need a loud speaker for calls. Speakers are loud but lack quality

  • Dual Speaker Design
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Aigital Pill Visor Bluetooth Speaker

Our best option for hands free calls. Built in noise cancellation feature allows for easy, clear calls

  • Noise Cancellation Feature
  • Strong Speaker
  • Compact, Easy to Install Design

Who Uses Bluetooth Car Visor Speakers?

Bluetooth Car Visor Speakers have had a huge increase in popularity over the past year. One of the major reasons for this is their simplicity. When you enter into the world of technology things can become very complicated very quickly. Bluetooth Car Visor Speakers aim to cut through this mess and deliver the simplest answer to people looking to have access to their phones while in the car. To help guide you through the process we have compiled the best Bluetooth car visor speakers for 2020.

One group of people that benefit from this product are people who own an older car. The majority of models that were built before 2014 do not have a direct Bluetooth connection in their stereos. As a result, if the drivers want to install a hands free device, they must get a new radio and pay to have it installed at a shop. A Bluetooth car visor speaker eliminates this need by clipping onto the visor and being ready to go right away.

Another group that benefits from a Car Bluetooth Speaker are people who have a separate car for work. Work cars are rarely equipped with the bells and whistles like a Bluetooth connection. These cars are also normally traded around the work group meaning they don't have the option to install their own device. Instead they need something that can be installed in a matter of seconds which allows them to drive safely while still being able to take calls.

Professional drivers and Mom's have also seen the usefulness of a car visor Bluetooth speaker. In both of these situations the driver's entertainment is secondary to the passenger's comfort and safety. In the professional driver's situation they need to make sure the passenger is enjoying their experience while still being able to answer their own calls. For the Mom, she may be playing music or showing a movie in the back of the car for the kids, but she may want to listen to her own music or podcast in the front. In both of these situations the car Bluetooth speaker allows the driver to be entertained or make/take the calls they need to without disturbing the rest of the car.

What Features Should I Be Looking for In My Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker?

There are a variety of different features that visor Bluetooth speakers come with. This can be pretty overwhelming at first, but when you go into your shopping experience with a few key points you can save yourself time and money.

The first option to think about is your purpose. Are you going to be using this to streaming music or podcasts? Or are you going to be using this primarily for phone calls? Once you have a clear answer for this question you can assign the weight you want to put on each factor.

The main thing to consider when picking the right Bluetooth visor speaker is the sound quality. To us, this comes with two different categories, volume and sound profile. There are speakers who have the ability to get very loud but don't have a good sound profile. Other times there are speakers that might not get very loud, but produce a great sound profile. 

If you are going to be using your speaker primarily for music, you should a higher value on the sound profile. Because the speaker is directly by your ears, the volume isn't as important. The major exception to this is if you know that your car is loud. In that case, you should probably make sure the volume is high enough to overcome the outside noise in your car.

The quality of the microphone is the other major thing you will need to consider. The microphone quality on car visor Bluetooth speakers can vary widely. Some of them will come with noise cancellation technology that clears the surrounding noise out from around you. Again, if you have a car that tends  to be louder, it would be worth considering one of these options.

Besides the microphone and speakers you will see there are a variety of different bells and whistles that Bluetooth Car Visor Speakers can come with. The main one that you will see is the Auto On/Off feature. This is a great feature but has proven difficult to master for many manufacturers. Only a few of the Car Visor Speakers have figured out how to get it right. If this feature is important to you, make sure you read through our reviews to ensure that your device has gotten good reviews on this feature.

Aigital Direct Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker

The Aigital Direct Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker is a great option and is so popular because it is one of the best car visor Bluetooth options available on the market today. It offers a great mix of sound volume and profile as well as many easy to use features.

One of the features that provides the buyer with the most value is the Auto On. With a built in motion sensor this product will sense when you enter the car and turn on. This allows the Auto Sync feature to kick in and take over the audio of you phone. This lets you keep your phone tucked away and start your commute without having to mess with your settings. 

This Auto On device also helps build the well renowned battery life. With a short charger cable, you might be worried about how long it will hold a charge since you won’t be able to charge it while it is clipped onto your visor. The Auto On feature allows the device to save battery and users have reported the device lasting up to a month on a single charge. 

In addition to the strong battery life and Auto On feature, it comes with several features that you should expect from any of the best car visor Bluetooth speakers. This includes the ability to connect with multiple phones, support of Siri and Google Assist and a simple one button interface. Both the speaker and the microphone are of good quality but do not stand out as the top of the class. They will serve the purpose and allow the device to be functional but are not major selling points. 

Our Rating

Aigoss Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker

The Aigoss Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker is a solid option but comes with a few drawbacks. The Aigoss is the best car visor Bluetooth option if you are going to be using your car Bluetooth speaker for music since it offers the best sound profile or any car Bluetooth speakers on the market. 

The major strength of the Aigoss Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker is without a doubt the music quality. With a built in bass enhancement, the Aigoss can handle any type of music and give you high quality playback. In addition, it accepts a USB and SD cards so you have the option to play music without streaming it.

The other strength of the Aigoss is the mounting device. Instead of being linked directly to the car visor, the Aigoss is equipped with a magnetic back plate. This allows it to stick to any metal surface making it a device that you can bring with you when you need a speaker. In order to attach it to the car visor, it comes with a clip that goes on the your car visor. This will work with the magnet to keep the speaker attached to the visor.

The major drawback of the Aigos Bluetooth car speakerphone is it’s ability to serve as a hands free device. The microphone struggles to pickup high quality audio during conversations. In addition, the buttons only serve to advance and repeat the current track. So the only way to change the volume is through your phone, which can cause you to take your eyes off the road.

Our Rating

Besign BK06 Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker

Besign BK06 is a strong option for the best car visor Bluetooth device, but falls short in several areas. While this was designed well, it seems like it has a few bugs that need to be worked out before it steps up as the best car visor Bluetooth speaker. The product features a lot of different options that are good in theory, but just don’t follow through to give the user a great experience.

We were initially excited about the sound quality of this design. The dual speaker set up should give it the necessary power to give great audio quality. While this definitely does deliver in total volume, it struggles to provide the quality that we were hoping for. The speakers give the volume that you need, but the sound profile is not what we would expect from a two speaker model. While we thought that this might be made up for in the microphone department, the microphone was equally lacking, giving a far off effect during calls.

The Besign BK06 comes with an automatic on/off feature that is designed to turn on and off when you open your car door. While this tends to be really good with the turning on, the off feature has yet to be ironed out. This results in the phone being connected when you are inside your house.  The best answer to this issue is to start switching the speaker on and off manually, which is effective, but it takes away the whole benefit of having an auto on/off feature.

This is a good device that has potential, but there are other car visor Bluetooth speakers on this list that can provide you with a better user experience.

Our Rating

Aigital Pill Car Bluetooth Visor Speaker

The Aigital speaker is one of the best car visor bluetooth speakers for phone calls on the market today. With it’s noise cancellation technology and high quality microphone, it is at the top of the list for phone calls. While it is great for phone calls, it has good, but not great, speaker volume and quality.

The Aigital Car Bluetooth Visor Speaker is designed to be an answer for the driver who is looking for the best car visor Bluetooth speaker for phone calls. The microphone does a great job of picking up your voice and ensuring that you can carry on a conversation easily. The major piece of technology that separates the Aigital is the noise cancellation. This allows your voice to carry through the phone call instead of all the other noises. The large, easily accessible buttons make answering/rejecting calls easy and allow you to keep your focus on the road.

In addition to being great for phone calls, it comes with several other features that are universal for our Best Car Visor Bluetooth list. Among these are a great battery life, ability to connect to multiple phones, and compatible with Siri and Google.

The one area where the Aigital Car Visor Bluetooth struggles is with it’s speaker volume. Because it is designed with only one speaker and no bass enhancements, the device's overall volume is not as high as others. While it is certainly good enough for your day to day commute, if your main purpose is going to be streaming audio, this may not be the best option. 

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